Technical requirements:

      The accepted file formats are JPG & PNG and the maximum accepted file size are depends on your current plan like

  • Free Plan - 25 MB
  • Monthly Starter - 1 GB
  • Yearly Starter - 1 GB
  • Monthly Pro - 10 GB
  • Yearly Pro - 10 GB

Our recommendations and tips:

  • Even if the size limit is 25 MB we strongly recommend using JPG and PNG files under 5 MB.
  • You need to make sure your file has a correct extension and it’s not corrupted and we recommend uploading a maximum of 10 images if you are in free plan otherwise there are no maximum limits.
  • Simply use the buttons provided to choose the images you want to upload.
  • We also recommend deleting the images you aren’t using for a better experience and a faster loading time.
  • When saving your design, all the contained images will go through various compression and resize processes to get the smallest possible HTML5 package.